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IT Services:
EthioNL Services gives Internet services as well as Basic IT training to starter organisations, individuals, to Ethiopian or other communities in The Netherlands.

Basic amharic course for foreigners
EthioNL Services gives Amharic and other Ethiopian language courses.

Ethiopia has its own alphabet that originated from Geez; an ancient script of Ethiopia,

EthioNL Services awards special certificate for the courses attended.

EthioNL Services garantees that you will be able to read and write these Ethiopian languages within one hour.

PComputer peripheral
EthioNL Services can help you solve in all problems in computers; PC hardware en software installation and maintenance, PC network and peripheral installation and setup.

Accommodation and guidance
You are an Ethiopian. You think your accomodation costs are going to be too expensive to you. Then, EthioNL can guide you to the affordable hotels and accomodation in Nederland.
Do you come to Holland as a tourist? Then EthioNL Services can make arrangements you prefer in The Netherlands. You can also use EthioNL Services as your guide.

Multimedia production:
Do you still have old tape recorder and old LP muzic? Do you have the old VHS video collection, your wedding, your vacation and good old memories stored in video? Do you have old photographes on paper? or new digital photographes?
Do you want to convert these to CD or DVD? Then, EthioNL Services can do that with bare minimum charges affordable to you.
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